Lite Research & Medical Diagnosis

Simple and very thorough medical research, including medical diagnosis and treatment suggestions, in your home for only USD 49 plus courier delivery/pick up costs of needed medical equipment. This medical research will discover most of the roots to all kinds of typical illnesses or diseases in the human body. A Medical Doctor will issue the Diagnosis and Treatment suggestions.


Standard Research & Medical Diagnosis with Therapy

Simple and very thorough medical research for severe health problems, with full diagnosis, treatments & therapy recommendations. An affiliated Medical Doctor also instructs you on line how to perform self-therapy in your home for only USD 149 plus courier delivery/pick up costs.


VIP Research & Medical Diagnosis with Therapy

Simple and very thorough medical research for severe health problems, with full diagnosis and treatment recommendations. An affiliated Medical Doctor also instructs you, on line or at spot by physically visiting you at home, how to perform self-therapy in your home for only USD 299 plus Courier delivery/pick up costs.


Laser Therapy offers unique and very efficient laser "Cure it Yourself" equipment, sent to your home, whenever prescribed to you by our affiliated Medical Doctors. This Laser equipment, which is battery powered and enables you to perform all kinds of activities while being treated, is prescribed to be daily used between 2-5 times in sequences of 30-60 minutes. One month of usage cost is USD 29 plus courier delivery/pick up costs.

Full Medical Doctor Diagnosis and Recommended Treatments based on courier delivered on line medical equipment, supplements and prescription drugs.


Should your received Diagnosis, Treatments and/or Therapies fail to cure any significant* health condition affecting you, after you have obeyed and fulfilled our affiliated Medical Doctor's recommendations in full (which means not more or less) or should your report be factually incorrect, we will refund your payment in full.
We have been working in these fields of Health Care since 2003. Our experience is overwhelmingly positive and surprisingly efficient. Since a few years, when Quantum Medicine became available the accuracy has increased. We believe that help to "cure it Yourself" is the only realistic future which already is here now.
It is always like that: The traditional medical doctor issues the bill for you pay, but at the end your brain anyhow ends up to "Cure it Yourself"!
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY has developed its own revolutionary medical research equipment kits, which we send out to our patients.

The kits are composed of much more sophisticated equipment than what a Medical Doctor normally uses in his patient research. We are using all common medical tools like Scale, Audio/Visual Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Monitor, ECG, Holter, Spirometer, Oximeter, Iriscope, Digital Temperature Testing, Digital Health Scanner, Ultrasound, Fetal Doppler, Quantum Bio-Photon Scanner, INR Testing, Glucose Testing, etc.

The type of equipment sent out is dependent upon initial indications reported by the patient. As a general rule, all the body is researched each time in order to have a full holistic picture of the person concerned.


All the medical research and diagnosis procedures are supervised by a Medical Nurse and a Medical Doctor via phone or via video-conferencing.

A high resolution camera is able to make thorough visual research of specific health problems. After finishing the research a Diagnosis and Treatment Advise is forwarded to the patient via email.

In case of severe problems, our staff automatically escalate the Research and/or see to that the patient will be hospitalized, if need be. A VIP version also foresees home visits by a Nurse or a Medical Doctor in urgent and serious illness conditions. The health care approach is based upon finding the reason for possible negative health conditions and cure such reasons. Each research takes about 1-2 hours to fully complete.

24/7 AVAILABILITY has got 24/7 help desk and also do provide courier deliveries and/or home visits on that same basis. The patient may choose between Express and Normal delivery time.

We are also able to make instant delivery together with a Nurse and/or Medical Doctor within the VIP package. We act in order to cure any kind of illnesses or diseases by finding those reasons of such problems and cure them. In case of very serious conditions, we organize and supervise hospital care.

The patient has to have social security financial protection or pay himself for possible hospitalization costs. After hospitalization we resume the health care in accordance with our rules for that specific health care package the patient has chosen.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration or whatever other world wide similar country Food and Drug Administration authority, which might be concerned. These products, diagnosis's and treatments are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, unless individually signed by an authorized Medical Doctor, legally authorized and registered in the respective jurisdiction concerned. Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.